I bought my first camera in 1977 and was immediately intrigued with photography. I quickly became the "family photographer" and never went anywhere without my camera. I devoured every book I could find on photography and took countless courses.

I shot my first wedding in 1987 and discovered the great joy of capturing the intimate moments of the happiest day of peoples lives.

With the advancement of professional digital photography equipment and software, today's bride & groom have more options available than ever before.

Today's wedding photographer is a "digital artist" and must master skills in image editing as well as photography.

I've received my training from some of the top photographers and digital artists in the country, including Dennis Reggie, Hanson Fong and other nationally known wedding photographers. I continue to study my art and share my skills with other photographers in an effort of ongoing self-improvement. I strive to offer my clients the highest level of professional service both personally and technically.

If you would like to learn about the services I offer please contact me by phone at 267-994-6306 or by email at kelleyphoto@comcast.net